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About the Programme

Creative Enterprises Hub is the Development Programme vehicle of Creative Business Cup (CBC). Creative Business Cup is the international competition that celebrates and empowers businesses in the creative industries in over 60 countries. Through its annual event, arts businesses are recognised in the same way that other professions are.

The development programme is written to meet creatives’ needs

Mzansi Creative Hub programme addresses these realities

  • All creatives are different, we each have different needs
  • Some of us aren’t entrepreneurial and don’t want to have our own businesses
  • We can’t all attend classes at an incubator, during working hours
  • We don’t all need to learn the same stuff or in the same way
  • There’s business stuff that people who grew up under apartheid never learned. We need a Cultural Capital catch-up.
  • The Candidate Selection and Admission process is robust
  • Only early stage businesses in the creative arts qualify for consideration
  • Diagnostic screening helps to select those who are independent business minded
  • Candidates are interviewed to ensure motivation and ‘teachability’
  • Candidates enter into an enforced participation and financial commitment agreement
  • Candidates must meet English & computer literacy competence and access to ICT criteria.

Contact Information


Address: Outreach Foundation, 30 Edith Cavell St, Hillbrow