Creative Enterprises Hub understands the particular needs and challenges and special character of the creative industries, it is particularly well suited to deliver an effective development programme to address its sector-specific challenges. The Candidate Selection and Admission process Only early stage businesses in the creative arts qualify for consideration Diagnostic screening helps to select those who are independent business minded Candidates are interviewed to ensure motivation and ‘teachability’ Candidates enter into an enforced participation and financial commitment agreement Candidates must meet English & computer literacy competence and access to ICT criteria.

Creative Enterprises hub

Running the Creative Business Cup competition made it clear to our team that numerous entrepreneurs in the creative arts need personal and business development to help them to thrive – and to enhance the sector’s contribution to the economy (and to reduce joblessness). Creative Enterprises Hub has established a development programme for creative entrepreneurs to assist them in addressing several of these challenges - acquiring relevant professional and business skills, and accessing the market and finance. This programme is looking to provide new and emerging creative businesses and other compatible businesses with an environment that would support their startup phase and increase their likelihood of success. The main goal is to produce successful businesses that leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

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